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The Rev vs Biggsy Game Thread...

The Rev and Halos Heaven, will be going multi-media on THE BIGS with Jeff Biggs radio show tonight on AM 830 KLAA (the home of Angels Baseball).


Rumour has it that the Rev is bringing some transparencies, graphs, pie charts, etc...

Please feel free to give Jeff and The Rev a call tonight at (877) 883-0830

The show starts at 7 pm and ends at 10 pm PST.


If you are out of the audio reach of KLAA AM 830, there is a "Click Here to Listen" button in the upper right corner of this LINK TO LIVE INTERNET AUDIO page.

So tune in TONIGHT!

Picks:  Starts with The Rev on the air: 

Will Mark Teixeira be mentioned with in the first five minutes? 

Will Darby make it on air?

Will there be any mention of the WBC?

Good Luck