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Angels Vs. Yankees 2009 ALCS Schedule

American League Championship Series - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Versus New York Yankees, Best of Seven contest for the American League pennant and an appearance in the 2009 World Series.

Ever notice how the National Media always published Game Times as "Eastern" because, well, if your grandparents or parents were not smart enough to leave the urban dumps for a move out west, you, Mister East-Coast, are probably not intelligent enough to understand simple concepts such as time zones. Since the networks pander to the simpletons caught in the blizzardesque blight of the Atlantic Love Canal and always publish Game Start Times with your clock, we on the West Coast proudly present the times of the First pitch in Pacific Time in the hopes of confusing the mouth-breathers who won't see a seventy degree day until June. All games are on FOX National.

Game 1 - Angels @ Yankees - Fri, Oct. 16 - First Pitch at 4:58 PM - Pacific Time

Game 2 - Angels @ Yankees - Sat, Oct. 17 - First Pitch at 4:58 PM - Pacific Time

Sunday Off Day

Game 3 - Yankees @ Angels - Mon, Oct. 19 - DAY GAME - 1:14 PM Pacific Time

Game 4 - Yankees @ Angels - Tue, Oct. 20 - First Pitch at 4:58 PM - Pacific Time

Wednesday Off Day

Game 5* - Yankees @ Angels - Thu, Oct. 22 - First Pitch at 4:58 PM - Pacific Time

Friday Off Day

Game 6* - Angels @ Yankees - Sat, Oct. 24 - This one is tricky...

If the NLCS goes to a Game 7, then that Philles-@-Dodgers affair will be telecast in "Prime Time" and the Angels will play a DAY GAME - 1:14 PM Pacific Time - but if the NLCS has finished, the ALCS Game Six will see the First Pitch thrown at 5:08 PM, Pacific Time

Game 7* - Angels @ Yankees - Sun, Oct. 25 - First Pitch at 5:19 PM - Pacific Time

* - if necessary