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John Lackey and Some Fat Guy to Face Off in Game 1: Tuesday Halolinks

Analysis: Angels Exposed Papelbon’s Flaws - Bats Blog -
The starter Jered Weaver, who allowed more than half of his batted balls in the air, could be in for a particularly rough time. If the Angels’ hurlers cannot adapt their approach to counter the slugging strength of their next opponents, they will most likely find themselves sent home every bit as quickly as the Red Sox were in the first round.

It's a role reversal for Angels --
Now it's on to the American League Championship Series against New York -- Game 1 of the best-of-seven series is Friday in Yankee Stadium -- and it will be the Yankees, of all teams, who will have to answer the same questions that grew wearisome for the Angels.The Yankees may be baseball royalty, the franchise with 26 World Series trophies, but the Angels have won both of their playoff series against the Yankees, eliminating them in 2002 and 2005 division series.

Selig: I have no desire to expand instant replay - FOX Sports on MSN
"This goes on every time there's a controversial call," Selig said. "I understand the Phil Cuzzi call and others. But frankly, I'm quite satisfied with the way things are. "We need to do a little work, clean up some things. But do I think we need more replay? No. Baseball is not the kind of game that can have interminable delays."

But game changing umpire mistakes are okay!

Angels enjoying a season of comebacks -
Resiliency was a trademark during the regular season, and it carried over into the playoffs. They set a franchise record with 47 comeback victories during the year, and they've tacked on two more in the AL Division Series.

Yankees-Angels: Preview Position by Position - Bleacher Report

Previewing the Yankees-Angels series position by position (but not very well).

ALCS Analysis: Angels vs. Yankees - Baseball
The Angels are one team that won't be intimidated by coming to the Bronx, where the ALCS begins Friday night. Manager Mike Scioscia holds a 50-41 record against the Yankees -- making the Angels the only American League team with a winning record against New York over the past nine years -- and nine Angels remain from the team that eliminated the Yanks in the first round in 2005.

Analysis - Angels Can Win in Various Ways, and Often Have -
Cashman added: "They’ve had long-ball issues. It’s something that was missing from their end a little bit — not that they’ve ever had a problem with us — but I think they can basically beat you in a number of different ways. So they’re a very dangerous team. Hey, to beat Boston, you have to be a dangerous team."

Plenty of reasons to love Los Angeles Angels and more notes - Jon Heyman -
The Angels, classy organization that they are, voted to give late pitcher Nick Adenhart a full postseason share, clubhouse sources confirmed. So Adenhart's former teammates are honoring the Adenharts with both their pay and their play.

Joe Posnanski - Seven Levels of the Torii Walk
First, the situation: Boston led the Angels by a run. Ninth inning. Two outs. Men on second and third. Torii Hunter stepped to the plate. Vladimir Guerrero waited on deck. The Red Sox called for the intentional walk.

The Baseball Analysts: Should Francona Have Intentionally Walked Hunter to Get to Guerrero?
While obviously the walk didn’t pay off for Francona and the Red Sox, was it a good move strategically? With runners on second and third, a single most likely scores the go-ahead run. A walk, however, does not immediately hurt you.

The Yankees Are Good, and It Has Nothing To Do With A-Rod Playing Peekaboo - Andy Hutchins - Sporting News
They rolled to 103 wins without extraordinary luck (their .309 BA on balls in play, especially compared to the Angels' .326 mark, is just about average) and by sacrificing fielding (they're third to last in the majors in Ultimate Zone Rating/150 at -4.7), so they're not without their chinks in the armor. And they've actually lost games to the Angels (5-5 record this year), unlike their ALDS opponent, who they swept 7-0 in the regular season before sweeping in the playoffs.

Curb, Muggings, UFL and the TBS Lead Booth Not In Postseason Form - Dan Levy - Sporting News
Sunday night, in the late innings of the Yankees clincher over the Twins, Caray stated that the Twins were having to string together at-bats to score, noting in that half inning they had "a double and a hit."

Blown calls by umpires in postseason spur talk of replay review - Joe Posnanski -
But, of course, baseball replay is inescapable now because these playoffs have been an umpiring disaster. I don't know if it's a trend -- it probably isn't a trend. It's probably just a bad run of high-profile missed calls. But it has felt like an epidemic, and it was topped off by the almost-impossible-to-believe missed call on Joe Mauer's sure-double against the Yankees on Friday night -- that ball was fair by a foot. Trend or not, this is the sort of thing that gets people talking, and the talk now is replay.

Boston fans team up on Angels’ fan in wheelchair -
"So, I’m walking to the Angels game on Friday night and I see a couple of Sox fans turn around and start jawing at an Angels fan in a wheelchair and I’m thinking, ‘Oh, no. What’s this?’

Scioscia mulls pitching rotation -
"We have four guys who all have the capability of being that guy," Scioscia said. "I don't think there's any guy we're going to be starting in this series that we wouldn't be comfortable starting in that (Game 7) scenario."

ALCS figures to lead with aces -
Lackey has appeared in three playoff games against the Yankees, twice as a starter. He has surrendered three earned runs and 10 hits in 14 1/3 innings for a 1.88 ERA.

Yankees will be favored, but . . . - Los Angeles Times
The Yankees will be favored in the American League Championship Series. But after what the Angels accomplished in Boston, against a team many of us thought matched up better against them than the guys in pinstripes, well, let's just say the gentlemen from the West Coast have some things in their favor, as well. - Information Builders Predicts Major League Baseball's 2009 World Series Champion
Using key cumulative team statistics such as winning percentage, runs scored, batting average, total extra base hits, earned run average and fielding percentage, Information Builders was able to predict The Los Angeles Dodgers will defeat The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the 2009 Fall Classic.

Scioscia far from being an 'Angel'
HE HAS been a menace to us for damn near 30 years now, the thorn in our side, the cloud in our coffee, the bee in our bonnet, the fly in our ointment, the clouds on our sunny day. He has been our nemesis, our arch-enemy, our tormentor, our antagonist and our antagonizer. He inflicts misery for sport. He is a serial baseball sadist. He is Mike Scioscia, from Upper Darby, Pa., by way of Hell.

October 13 - BR Bullpen
Events, births and deaths that occurred on October 13.
2002 - The Anaheim Angels score 10 runs in the seventh inning on their way to a 13 - 5 victory over Minnesota to give Anaheim its first American League pennant in the team's history. Adam Kennedy was the hero for Anaheim with three home runs and seven RBI. Scott Spiezio hit a home run for the Angels, with Francisco Rodriguez getting the win in relief.