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Wet Weather Brings ALCS Chaos

IN the NY POST, the scenarios for the ALCS look pretty lousy if there are any games postponed this weekend as New York gets its first Autumn Nor'easter - 45 degrees and constant rain is almost guaranteed for most of Friday ... and perhaps into the weekend.

But it gets even crazier, thanks to FOX being the ALCS broadcaster. FOX will not allow a Sunday day game if the Friday and/or Saturday games are not played. FOX has an NFL game to broadcast at 1 PM and 4 PM Eastern, so the ALCS Sunday rescheduled game would definitely be a night affair.

IF there is a Sunday game to make up for either a Friday or a Saturday postponement, Monday would be a travel day. At present Sunday is the travel day and Monday afternoon is ALCS Game 3 in Anaheim. It is a day game because of Monday Night Football. So if Monday ends up being the travel day... Game 3 would be on Tuesday, but it would be a night game, Wednesday would be a night game and there would be no break before Game 5 (which was stupid anyway) on Thursday Night.

When will the Yankees play the Angels? Will CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett be able to make three starts apiece? Will Joba Chamberlain have to pitch? Will John Lackey get to pitch three times?

No word on what happens if Friday, Saturday and Sunday are too rainy to play... stay tuned!