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Possible Battle For Los Angeles: Thursday Halolinks

It was almost the City of No Angels --
According to newspaper and book accounts supported by personal recollections and interviews, the late Walter O'Malley, who moved his storied team from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1958, never wanted an American League team in what he regarded as his new, private and lucrative territory or believed the AL had legal rights to it.

A really interesting story about the early Angel/Dodger rivalry.

Halos add power to formidable repertoire -
The familiar perception of the Angels is out of whack with the current reality. Those Angels were about pitching, defense, speed, small ball and the occasional long ball, just to let the world know it was possible. These Angels mash.

Is a freeway series good for baseball? - NBC Sports - Circling the Bases
The Dodgers and Angels in the playoffs together for the third time in six seasons, but this is the first time they've both made it this far, so people are starting to buzz about the possibility of a freeway series.

They're only ALCS opinions . . . - Angels Unplugged - Los Angeles Times
If, as it appears, the Yankees throw as many as five left-handed starters at the Angels, with CC Sabathia going three times and Andy Pettitte twice, it could seriously limit Kendry Morales, who isn't nearly as effective batting from the right side . . . Howie Kendrick finally gets a chance to show that his postseason performance in 2008 was more a result of his not being fully healthy coming off a hamstring injury. With Sabathia and Pettitte starting so much, Kendrick should get plenty of at-bats against the Yankees, a team he usually torments . . .

3-man rotation is show of respect for Angels - FOX Sports on MSN
"To be honest, I think they look down on us," said general manager Brian Cashman. "They've had their way with us for some time, and now we have something to prove to them. It's not the other way around. "I think the Angels feared the Red Sox, but they don't fear us. I think they're happy they're playing us."

Fox Sports writes the above, CBS Sports answers with this:

The Yankees as underdogs? It just doesn't fit -
"This is Ali-Frazier," Cashman said. "Two tremendous teams, with a great deal of respect and class on both ends. But I do think the Angels have found a way to get a comfort level when they're playing us. I think they stand tall, and whether they look down at us or we look up at them, they don't fear us. I think they feared the Red Sox [before the first round], but I don't think they fear us. "I think they're happy they're playing us."

Mark Teixeira's 2008 winter wish: to play the Angels in the ALCS --
"I told Torii in December I hope we play them in the ALCS," Teixeira said Wednesday. "And we're getting our wish."

Ranking the possible World Series matchups - Chris Bahr - Sporting News
The top two seeds in each league advanced to the LCS round, three via sweeps. But which potential Fall Classic matchup would be best?

Bobby Abreu isn't saying it, but he'd like to make the Yanks pay - Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports
Never has a soldier remained so loyal after being discharged, but it speaks to a classy nature that has made you among one of the most respected and admired players out there. Instead of pouting over having your salary cut to relative slave wages, you put on an Angels uniform and instantly became one of the best free agent bargains of all time.

October 15 - BR Bullpen
Events, births and deaths that occurred on October 15.
1986 - The Boston Red Sox capped one of the greatest comebacks in major league history by defeating the California Angels, 8 - 1, to win the American League pennant after trailing three games to one in the playoffs.