why do you hate the yankees?

Easy enough, why do you hate the yankees?  lets try to come up with as many unique ones as possible.  i'll start us off...




  1. Jeffrey Maier (1996 ALCS)
  2. "Holy crap!  Let's panic, the yankees lost three in a row.  they won't make the postseason" - ESPN
  3. King George
  4. self righteous fans (the ones below)
  5. fans who don't know their team- only follow because 'jeter is cute'
  6. fans who don't know their team -only follow because they win
  7. fans who don't know their team -if you ask them who their 2b is they have no idea
  8. their wag (and who they are having an affair with) get as much attention as the team
  9. fox
  10. tbs/fox/espn trying to suck up the yankees money (or trying to steal YES money)
  11. everyone ignoring what the yankees were in the late '80s



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