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Sloppy Angels Drop One to Yankees: Saturday Halolinks

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Angels get off to a sloppy start --
Mike Scioscia is constantly stressing the importance of "bringing our game onto the field." The Angels brought something onto the Yankee Stadium field Friday night . . . and whatever it was, they had to call in a Hazmat team to clean it up.

Mistake-riddled Los Angeles Angels fall flat in ALCS opener - ESPN
Fresh off sweeping the Red Sox in the Division Series, the Angels opened the ALCS as if they were fresh off a long winter of golf and scuba diving. Los Angeles had nearly as many errors (three) as hits (four), walked five batters, hit another, threw a wild pitch and trailed almost the entire nine innings of a 4-1 loss to the Yankees.

Yankees 4, Angels 1 - Small Ball and a Big Lefty Lift Yankees -
There were no base-running high jinks by the Angels, no first-to-third dashes, no daring leads, no stolen bases. Sabathia kept the Angels stuck in their tracks for eight innings of a 4-1 Yankees victory, allowing four hits and striking out seven with a walk. He was an island of cool that had nothing to do with the 45-degree weather.

Boxscore - Angels/Yankees - Sporting News

Hour by Hour Weather Forecast for Yankee Stadium -
Hour by Hour Weather Forecast for Yankee Stadium, New York, including weather conditions, precipitation, dew point, humidity, wind sunrise and sunset.

Team Reports -
There is a 90-percent chance of rain on Saturday, raising the possibility that Game 2 will have to be postponed. One possibility would be to play on Sunday in New York, turn Monday into a travel day (rather than Game 3 in Anaheim) and play the next three days at Angel Stadium. Wednesday is currently scheduled as an off day between Games 4 and 5.

Angels need to play their game --
The Angels have played four postseason games. Figgins has gone 0-for-4 in every one. "We've got to get Figgy on," Hunter said. "If we don't, we're in trouble."

Angels need Figgins to find his stroke -
"It doesn't help," Figgins said of his slump. "I personally love trying to get on base and create havoc. Like I said, I'm staying positive. Having good at-bats is what I can do, but I'd like to see some results before this ends."

Video highlights from last night's game:

TV, radio calls for Angels' dropped popup -
Television and radio broadcasters make the call for Hideki Matsui's dropped popup in the first inning

Vlad hits a double that misses by inches -
Vladimir Guerrero hits a double that just misses being a home run

A-Rod out at home -
After running through the third-base coach's stop sign, Alex Rodriguez is called out at the plate as he collides with Jeff Mathis

What We Learned: Halos give Yankees some help - Bill Eichenberger - Sporting News
Three things we learned from Friday's 4-1 victory by the New York Yankees over the Los Angeles Angels in Game 1 of the ALCS:

A-Rod takes blame for blowing through stop sign, being called out at home
Rodriguez admitted he blundered, saying, "Once I saw the 'go,' I put my head down. It's my mistake." He added that he was "OK," after the collision and said he did not purposely try to lead with his less-vulnerable left side. "No, once I screwed up, I figured my only shot to be safe was to run him over," Rodriguez said.

Angels face cold hard facts - Yahoo! Sports
The Angels had no objections to A-Rod’s conduct. "It’s October, man," Lackey said. "I mean, I’d run over my mom in October." Now that’s cold.

Yankees rise above pressure, conquer Angels in Game 1 - Ben Reiter -
Why, Hunter was asked, did the Angels' uncharacteristic breakdown happen, on this stage, against these Yankees? "I have no idea at all," he said. "The cold has nothing to do with it. Maybe it was loud. Fig was saying, 'Aybar, Aybar, you got it,' and Aybar heard something else. For me, it was just a bad hop. That's baseball."

The Top 10 Reasons Why the Angels Will Bomb the Yankees - Bleacher Report
1. The Angels are the better team. Yes, the Yankees probably have the better talent. They certainly have the most expensive talent. But the Angels play as well as a unit as any team in baseball.

Bungling Halos don't respond well to New York's big chill -
Some baseball players are so soft they make golfers look like Marines. The Angels though took the cake on softness. Jeez, tighten up those sports bras, fellas. It was 45 degrees at first pitch, not minus 45. The ALCS isn't being played on Soldier Field in January. This isn't the Iditarod.

Angels defense better in perception than reality - FOX Sports on MSN
The Angels carry the big "fundamentally sound" rep, but the perception of their defense, at least this season, does not match the reality.

Those guys look familiar - Angels blog -
Escobar said his shoulder feels healthy now "it’s just the endurance" that is a problem. "When I throw hard, I still feel a little pinch in there and it gets irritated and it takes longer to recover," he said. Escobar’s contract expires after this season and he is eligible for free agency. He said he "definitely" believes he will be able to pitch somewhere next season and he hopes it is with the Angels.

Fans Find Ways to Show Loyalties and Battle Elements -
For the handful of Angels fans sprinkled throughout the stands, keeping warm was just one challenge. Yankees fans serenaded Hiraiwa and his friend Ross Roshandel, another Californian, from the moment they arrived at the Stadium. Some of the comments were good-natured, but plenty included four-letter embellishments. At their seats in Section 414, they were on their own, cold and lonely. "I knew that coming in this would happen, but I have to cheer for my team," said Hiraiwa, who said he bought his ticket on StubHub for $200, about twice what he would have paid for an equivalent seat in Anaheim.

An Extension For Abreu? - FanGraphs Baseball
According to Jon Heyman, the Angels have offered a two year contract extension for Bobby Abreu worth $8 million a season. Adding Abreu has been one of the things that has pushed the Angels offense forward this year, and they’d understandably like to keep his bat around for the next couple of years. Is a 2 year, $16 million offer fair for both sides?

Blogging the Series -
Angels: Chuck Richter, Angels win (
Age: 39
Hails from: Southern California (Born in Redondo Beach, CA, lived in Riverside for years growing up & purchased our first house in Mission Viejo, CA. Currently living in the Northwest on a river, working in Seattle)

I thought the correct phrase was "Living in a van, down by the river". Anyway, Chuck continues his blogging on USA Today.

Dodgers rally to beat Phillies in NLCS Game 2 -
Andre Ethier drew a bases-loaded, two-out walk from rookie J.A. Happ, capping the Dodgers’ third comeback win of this postseason.

The other L.A. team evened their series at a game apiece.

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