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Jeff Mathis Walk Off Double Beats Yankees in Extra Innings

Final Score in 11 Innings in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Angels 5, Yankees 4

A four hour plus game of extended action and intrigue ended on a booming hit and an even quicker exit from the national broadcasters terrified of interviewing players they know nothing about. Despite being the most dramatic postseason moment yet, FOX coverage of the game quickly split because Derek Jeter's jock did not need washing.

A grueling battle of men left on base, baserunning miscues, and lost opportunities, solo power shots and clutch hits was not wasted this time. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim got a 2-out walk-off double in extra innings by their late-inning substitute catcher to drive in their platooning 2Bman who was sent to the minors mid-season.

In postgame comments, Yankee skipper Joe Girardi said he could not stretch out über-closer Mariano Rivera more than one inning and than stupidly replaced a no-name reliever (Hummerson? Roberta Smith? Fox broadcasters were so excited to go to a commercial for more money to send Rupert Murdoch's way that they barely discussed anything but the genius of the Yankee manager) in the 11th with 2 outs for Alfredo Aceves. He gave up a base hit to Howie Kendrick. that left Howie a double shy of the cycle and Jeff Mathis complied with booming walk-off double to the base of Left Field wall.

There were many moments in the game where the Angels tried to hand the Yankees the game. Call it a tightrope, call it fate, the Mathis double saved many many goats in red from being forever remembered a braying in the hay field. Kevin Jepsen let the Yankees tie the game with a solo HR to Jorge Posada on a pitch that the average little leaguer would have hit over the centerfield wall. Bobby Abreu turned a leadoff double turn into a leadoff out as he was picked off trying ot get back to 2nd after deciding not to stretch it into a triple. Even worse than the out it caused, it allowed Fox to slobber love drool over Jeter for a routine pick-off - in fact Melky Cabrera's great fielding was ignored in order for Fox to lovingly chew Jeter's sack once again.

All of the Yankee runs were solo homers. But no way this overpaid lineup invests in better living thru chemistry. No way, you can bet the Brooklyn bridge you just bought from Tooth Fairy Realty on it.