Mariano Rivera caught doctoring the ball ALCS game 3, 10th inning

After his last warmup pitch, Mariano Rivera walks towards the back of the mound, looks at 2nd base area, then 3rd base area, and then down at the ball and spits directly onto the ball as Fox quickly cuts to a shot of Mike Scioscia.  About 15 seconds later he delivers his first pitch to Aybar, for a called strike on the corner.



checks 2nd base


checks 3rd base


coast is clear, i want to spit on you


hall of fame spit, makes the cutter filthier than originally thought


spit landing on the ball, some hand, and the innocent ground (you can see a little halo on top of the ball as the spit connects


spit landing, as fox realizes what it is broadcasting and quickly cuts to scioscia (can still see the spit halo on top of the ball)


mike scioscia ... and the spit halo on top of the ball


look at that spit aided cut action, the unhittable mariano rivera.  


and the video on youtube (not mine)

You can see larger sized screen grabs on my flickr ...

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