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Spitball Update: Selig's Office Investigates, Exonerates Rivera

The New York Post is reporting that allegations originally published on Halos Heaven regarding video of Mariano Rivera appearing to spit on baseball in yesterday's ALCS game have been investigated by the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball.

While it took over a decade to dig into the steroid scandal it only took a few hours this morning for MLB to exonerate Rivera based on the video they had available from yesterday's game.

Selig's office said that the evidence they had was initially inconclusive but that additional images of the pitcher's warmup has satisfied them that he did not doctor the ball in any way and they have exonerated him from any allegations of impropriety.

News of the allegations have reached the Yankees. The Post got this quote from Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland:

"I would put my life on it that he didn't do that stuff. He's been pitching for years and not one word has ever been mentioned."

Well it has now. Maybe your guy shouldn't intently stare at the ball in the manner a man would stare at a target before hocking up a chunk of his lung in the general vicinity. Might make some of us "paranoid" Angels fans a little more trusting.

So what is more shocking:

That a Yankee gets a speedy trial?

That a Yankee gets off before a big game?