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Umpires Greenlight Yankees Game 4 Victory

So two Yankees are tagged not standing on a base, what happens? One is called safe. This is just one of many instances this postseason where the most ratings-friendly team in baseball located in a favorable media market is being gifted more opportunities to score and to wear down the opposing pitcher.

Numerous calls that should have gone the Angels' way and a strike zone the ignored the knees and letters to an Angels starter, Scott Kazmir, who lives on the outer limits of the plate can only add to the frustration as anyone with an historical appreciation of the game can practically smell a media-industrial complex version of Arnold Rothstein collaborating to celebrate the 80th birthday of the Chicago Black Sox in corrupt style.

The soul-killing effect of knowing that the Yankees were getting all the calls while the Yankees were getting ther money's worth out of starter CC Sabathia drowned what was the biggest Angels threat of the evening. It began with a Kendry Morales solo homer and was suddenly two men on with nobody out - but the Angels reverted to their hacking of old and formerly nails-versus lefties Juan Rivera grounded a 2-1 pitch into a double play that was the twist of the knife on the game, and perhaps the season.

But John Lackey faces A.J. Burnett on Thursday night and 6 teams in baseball history have come back down 3 games to 1 to win a 7 game series, so the ALCS may be far from over. If only the phone records and bank statements of the umpiring crew could be more closely scrutinized prior to Thursday evening.