Tim McClelland Verifies the ineptitude of MLB Umpires

On the play with Cano and Posada, I thought Cano was on the base. I was waiting for two players to be on the base, and when there was never the situation where both of them were on the base at the same time. When he tagged Cano, I thought Cano was on the base, and when Jorge touched the base and continued and tagged Posada out, I thought Posada was out.

That's right, folks. You heard it straight for the horse's mouth. He made the call because it was the outcome he was 'waiting' to have happen. He didn't actually pay attention to what happened in the play itself. Instead, he ANTICIPATED a certain outcome as probably happening, and ruled accordingly. Never mind actually verifying a play happened one way or another, you can just ANTICIPATE it happening.

So you know what? Why not just tell pitchers to not pitch? There's about a 60% chance it'll be a strike, anyway. So just go ahead and call a's fair to anticipate it, right?

Don't agree because of a 40% chance otherwise? Okay. Fine. A-Rod was batting under .200 in the postseason in the last few years. Why not just go back, replay his at-bats, and just only let him on once every 5 at-bats...chosen randomly.I mean, there's a good chance your ANTICIPATION will be right, right?

And when Figgins tries to steal 2nd? Go ahead and call him safe 3 out of 4 times. Don't watch the actual play, though. And outfielders, don't bother catching fly balls anymore. I mean, how often do those get dropped? Just let it drop next time, because McClelland is gonna go ahead and anticipate that it would be caught. Fair assumption, it happens 99.9% of the time. Matt Holliday will thank you later, too.

In fact, just give us the ALCS. Given the last decade, and the '02 and '05 postseason, one can ANTICIPATE we'd beat the Yankees. And with the way the Angels have played the NL this year?

Los Angeles Angels: 2009 World Champions of Anticipation.

Congrats McClelland, you're an idiot.

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