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Angel Bat Go Silent, But Not Umpire Opinions: Wednesday Halolinks

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Angels get pushed to edge --
"It's very disappointing -- this is not how I wanted to pitch today," Kazmir said. "I wasn't getting ahead of hitters, and when I got behind, I wasn't attacking the zone. It was ball one, ball two, get a strike here and there and try to work back into counts. That's not how you face those guys."

Angels lose -
"We win three in a row. Write it down. Griffin says so," Angels coach Alfredo Griffin said, disappearing into the coaches’ room as reporters were allowed into the Angels’ clubhouse following the game. Teams that have fallen behind 3-1 in a best-of-seven series have come back to win 11 times (in 69 opportunities), most recently the 2007 Red Sox who fell behind the Cleveland Indians (featuring Sabathia) before rallying to win the ALCS.

The Ace of (broken) hearts - Angels Unplugged - Los Angeles Times
Maybe now you can understand why so many of us urged the Angels to make the deal for a truly elite pitcher at the trade deadline. At the trade deadline, GM Tony Reagins dabbled with the idea of dealing for Halladay or Lee, but in both cases the Angels came up short, claiming the asking price was too high. You know, there were all those promising "prospects" to consider. In retrospect, you can't help but wonder if, given another chance, they would make that deal now in Anaheim, where the only "Ace" they've seen lately has broken their hearts.

Team Reports -
3B Chone Figgins and RF Bobby Abreu, the top two batters in the Angels' lineup, reached base just once in Game 4 -- a first-inning walk by Abreu. The two are a combined 4-for-32 (.125) in the ALCS.

Sabathia's splendid postseason proving Yankees made wise investment --
So over-the-top dominant was Sabathia that there came a point that the Angels no doubt would have preferred watching Internet videos of Mariano Rivera spitting on baseballs instead of facing Sabathia throwing them.

Angels need bats to rise from dead to stay alive -
The Los Angeles Angels had the second-most come-from-behind victories in the majors this past season and twice overcame four-run deficits to defeat the New York Yankees. That might provide some solace to the Angels during today's day off as they ponder their slim chances of bouncing back from a three-games-to-one hole in the American League Championship Series.

Torii's Storiis: Let's take it back to New York
Too much CC Sabathia. That was the story again. The big man showed why he's one of the highest-paid and best athletes in our game. He pitched his butt off for the second time against us, and it's obvious what we have to do now.

Halos staying positive despite deficit -
"We've just got to keep battling with those guys, and I think we can get it done," said Angels center fielder Torii Hunter. "We just keep battling and don't give up, and we've still got some breath left. They're up, 3-1. Seems like it's impossible, but it's not. We've won three in a row before during the season. I know it's the postseason, but it can be done." Hunter hit on a key point. It can be done. It has been done.

Video "highlights" from last night's game:

Morales clubs a high pitch over the wall -
Kendry Morales goes deep, depositing a pitch over the wall in center to get the Angels on the board in the fifth

Scioscia deals with umpires in Game 4 -
Angels Extra looks at manager Mike Scioscia taking exception to the strike zone being used by the umpires in Game 4 of the ALCS

Broadcasters call disputed play -
TV and radio broadcasters call the disputed would-be double play in Game 4 of the ALCS

Multimedia Search - Multimedia
Here's a link to all of the videos on There's a bunch.

For those keeping score, that's strike three called on umpires --
The Angels did not lose to the New York Yankees in Game 4 of the American League Championship Series because of three bad calls. Not even close. None of the bad calls led to a run. But, in what has become a painful daily ritual in this year's postseason, all of America tuned into a playoff game and watched replays of umpires blowing a call -- or, on Tuesday night at Angel Stadium, call after call after call.

It's safe to say these umpires should be out of a job -
Tim McClelland is screwing it up -- and there are a whole lot of Tim McClellands out there. That's what is so scary about the rash of ugly umpiring that has scarred the 2009 postseason: These guys might actually be the best umpires that baseball has to offer. And how awful an idea is that? If McClelland and some of his mates worked the drive-thru at McDonald's, they'd hand you the wrong sandwich and forget your fries.

NBC Sports - Baseball - Circling the Bases
The Halos certainly didn't live up to their logos, and the boys in blue continued to build the case for why instant replay needs to be greatly expanded in baseball.

Death Threats and Precedents - ShysterBall
Question: was it illegitimate to post links to the video and ask the questions I asked in the first place? I don't think so, but I'm curious for your thoughts. Not about Mariano -- that's over, and I'm quite content to accept MLB's view on it, especially in light of the still photos that appeared later in the day. I want to know whether it was wrong to even raise the issue in the first place, and if so, why so.

While his Dodgers teammates lost lead in Game Four, Manny Ramirez was already in the shower - The Providence Journal
When Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins came to the plate in the ninth inning Monday with the game, and perhaps the Dodgers' season, hanging in the balance, Ramirez was not on the field or even in the dugout watching. He was not even dressed. "Actually, I was in the shower," he casually remarked, thus introducing a new entrant into the Manny-Being-Manny honor roll. "I only saw the highlight."

October 21 - BR Bullpen
Events, births and deaths that occurred on October 21.