Let's examine why Scioscia took out Lackey

I actually supported Mike Scioscia's decision to Remove John Lackey at the time he was removed from the game, although I'll admit to cursing him a few moments later. However, here is why I think Scioscia made that move and why I originally agreed with the move.

1. The tying Yankees runner is at the plate and he is a slugger - Mark Teixeira.

2. In his first two at bats it seemed Tex's bat had woken up. He hit a single in his first at bat and his second was a hard shot to deep left field. It appeared Tex was getting comfortable batting from the left side and I think Scioscia wanted to throw off Tex's mojo.

3. Tex's history against Lackey - .388 average.

4. Scioscia wanted to take away Tex's power by putting in a lefty. Tex (a switch hitter) hit only 9 homers batting on the right side but had 30 batting on the left. Putting in Darren Oliver would force Tex to his weak side thus limiting the damage to a single or double.

5. Oliver has been lights out in the post season for the Angels, pitching 6 shutout innings.

6. Lackey (especially when he was a rookie) was not effective when he lost his cool. They had to keep on him about focusing on the batter and not worrying about any bad calls etc. He clearly lost his temper at the ump so his composure and control was shaky at best. His pace and rhythm was all messed up too. He just didn't look like the calm, cool, in control Lackey anymore.

7. With 100% rain forecast for Saturday in New York, Scioscia may have wanted to save his arm as much as possible for a possible Game 7 appearance.

Bottom line is that I think Scioscia felt Oliver could get an out then they'd have just 6 more outs to game 6. And the whole bullpen was available.

So honestly, did you agree with the decision at the moment he took him out? It's easy to Monday morning quarterback. It was a tough call but the main thing on my mind was "Dude, we cannot allow a home run here!"

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