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Angels 2nd Greatest Season Ends at 2nd Best

A close game in the Bronx saw a few bounces of the ball go against the Angels and deprive them of the chance to appear in their 2nd World Series.

Another night, another ridiculous strike zone as Yankees Lefty  Andy Pettitte had his way with the outside of the plate to Angels right handed hitters.

Meanwhile Joe Saunders was squeezed to a point of ridicule with a Bases loaded walk on an obvious strike to Alex Rodriguez to put the Yankees ahead.

A season full of promise led to the franchise's 2nd greatest season, but a few miscues in a few games was all it took for a sad implosion.

To everyone who is a part of the Halos Heaven community, thank you for joining us. This offseason promises to be a great time to be an armchair Angels fan with many decisions facing the club and Halos Heaven will be leading the dialogue on the internet.

Congratulations to the New York Yankees on winning the American League Pennant. On the eve of the 7th anniversary of Scott Spiezio's Game 6 HR in the World Series, I can only envy that Yankee fans have a few more games of the magic ahead. Please enjoy the wonder and awe of the greatest game in the world. Baseball.