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Chone Figgins: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Angels 3Bman Chone Figgins is a free agent.

I think it will take $27 Million over 3 years to sign him.

While he is a fan favorite, his skill set may be reproducible by Erick Aybar, who is younger and under club control at an affordable price for some time to come.

He got caught stealing at a higher rate this year than in years past.

He had some great hot streaks and served as a sparkplug but is diminished in ability from the right side and is a lodestone on the offense when slumping as he becomes a guaranteed out.

He will be 32 next season.

In addition to a newfound plate discipline, above average speed (but not great speed) and a .300 singles hitting batting average, Figgins was one of the best defenders at 3B this season in the American League.

But while Aybar will never challenge Figgy's hold on the all time franchise Stolen Bases record, he can more than replicate the singles-hitting and great infield defense.

We ranked him All Time Angel #19 in our preseason Top 100 Angels poll and he might even be higher than that after his contributions to this season's division title.

If it was up to me, I would make sure that when Desmond DeChone Figgins returns to Angels Stadium in the uniform of another team that he is rightfully honored with a tribute video on the jumbotron. It is too difficult to assert that Figgins has played his final game in an Angel uniform.