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Bobby Abreu: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Veteran outfielder Bobby Abreu was a key contributor in 2009 for the Angels.

With incentives, he was paid $6 Million (a bargain that arose due to financial uncertainties in the world economy over the past Winter) and scored 96 runs, walked 94 times, hit 15 HRs and batted .293. He is one of 19 Angel players to drive in more than 100 runs in a season in franchise history.

Bobby is a free agent. Should the Angels re-sign him?

We have no player in the minor leagues with a skill set anywhere near what Bobby Abreu has, although his Age 36 Season is far from a guarantee (though he proved doubters in the Bronx wrong this year). And of course, with an improved world economy and a weak free agent class, he is likely going to get a pay increase and a guarantee for 2011 as well.

Without Bobby Abreu the Angels corner outfield depth is as follows:

Juan Rivera, Gary Matthews Jr., Reggie Willits, Terry Evans, Chris Pettit.

Sure, Chone Figgins can be re-signed and moved to an outfield corner. Sure, Jason Bay or Matt Holliday could be signed (and we will be dealing with Scott Boras in Jered Weaver's arbitration hearing this winter so we can and do and will deal with him for Holiday over any player we want whom he represents).

Is $8.5 Million per year for two years going to bring in Bobby and will he be the plate discipline Messiah he was in 2009? How high should we bid, how long can he play and would Bay or Holliday be a better investment if we are shelling anything like that out? Should he stay or should he go?