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Vladimir Guerrero: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Angels Designated Hitter Vladimir Guerrero is a free Agent.

He turns 35 in February.

His injuries are such that he cannot play the field.

He had his first good postseason for the Angels ever in 2009.

He appeared in 95 Games during the regular season with a grand total of 16 innings played in the field.

His undisciplined swing is maddening and yet he hits doubles off of balls that are at his ankles and can still crush pitches at his belt like a slugger ten years his junior.

He has pretty much said he wants to stay in Anaheim. It is almost inevitable that he goes into the Hall of Fame wearing a Halo.

Imagine a healthy Vlad Guerrero DHing in the Arlington wind tunnel for the next two seasons before you dismiss his contributions to the Angels - as a definite American League signing, he could become quite the Angel killer.