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Trading Matthews, Talking Guerrero: Friday Halolinks

Would GMJ get any job if he were a free agent? - Sam Miller -
Gary Matthews, Jr. wants to be traded. Barring that, he’d like to be released "to go somewhere to play for an organization that believes in my ability to play every day. " I’m assuming he doesn’t mean the Fullerton Flyers, but an actual Major League team. But if he were actually a free agent right now, how sure should he be that he’d even get a Major League contract offer?

Where does production come from? - The Hardball Times
There are a lot of ways to build a winning ballclub. The method behind the Angels' success doesn't get the same attention as some other techniques, but perhaps it should. They've won 89 or more games six consecutive seasons, including 97 and 100 the last two.

True Grich: You can't teach an old dog new tricks

Statistically, he’s been great (for the most part), but again, I hardly knew him. All I know of Vlad is what I’ve heard through broadcaster Jose Mota, who usually translates interviews for him. That’s it. You don’t see Vlad on Sports Center doing interviews. You don’t hear him on the radio with Jim Rome. We rarely even see a quote in the paper from him. It’s as if he doesn’t exist outside of the box score. All we get is what we see on the field. Now, I know that’s good enough for some fans, but it’s never been enough for me. Some of us want to feel connected to our players. Vlad could have had a love affair with Angel fans, but he never put forth the effort. I’ve seen him at Spring Training. I’ve seen him walk past fans without so much as a wave or even a smile. Nothing. I’ve seen him ignore the autograph requests of little kids wearing his jersey. And I’m not just talking about once or twice over six years. I’m talking about him consistently ignoring us; as in all of the time, year after year.

Owners really cheated on Dodgers fans --
And, really, as embarrassing as the McCourts have behaved toward each other, has it been any worse than watching violent fans roam Dodger Stadium while celebrated stoner Snoop Dogg promotes the team on the video board? By the time the McCourts started one divorce, another was already being finalized, between the team and the values that once made it so special.

October 30 - BR Bullpen
Events, births and deaths that occurred on October 30.

What do you this real?