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Pregame Picks Results!!

So, just like any proper game, there is always a chance to play catch-up in the very last few rounds.
Though, to try to get ahead, there were some pretty hefty risks to take as well.

Did you try to go against the grain? Did it pay off?


First, let's take a look at the results of the individual games:

G153: 9/25 (F) ---- game
G154: 9/26 (Sa) -- game
G155: 9/27 (Su) -- game
G156: 9/28 (M) --- game
G157: 9/29 (Tu) -- game
G158: 9/30 (W) --- game
G159: 10/1 (Th) -- game
G160: 10/2 (F) ---- game
G161: 10/3 (Sa) -- game
G162: 10/4 (Su) -- game


Please take a second look at these games and ensure that everything has been done right.
Last chance for you to fix any mistakes I've made thusfar.

Final results, including crowning of the winner will be revealed tomorrow.