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The Winner of the 2009 Pregame Picks... well, first let's take a look at the weeks that have passed, and crown the last 2 "weekly winners"

Week 25 goes to Funke5ive!

Week 26 goes to Zoe Necrosis! Who was just 1 tick away from a perfect week!

Now, 44FAN certainly did not have a flawless week 26, was that enough to let Brew Angel catch up and snatch the crown at the very last second?!

Or did someone else seize the day and rocket up to the top??

Perhaps these Fun Stats can paint a better picture?


Vlad IS my man performed the best in the 2nd half of the Pregame Picks season.
In addition to winning the most individual weeks...
In addition to having the best PPG (Point per game) ratio.

And once again 44FAN was able to tough it out and get the Iron Man award for 2 years running.
That's 324 games in a row, without fail folks. And some people still can't play the game right once.

NOW... the WINNER IS...



... 44FAN! Congratulations! Playing every game certainly paid off, that and having a knack for the prognosticatin'.
Also congrats to Brew Angel with the silver, and vlad IS my man for the bronze.

Hope you had fun, and hopefully we can make this game even better!