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Boston Red Sox Shutout by Angels

Final Score in Los Angeles of Anaheim: Angels 5, Boston Red Sox 0

The lousy umpiring was not a factor at all. In no inning where a run scored did a call go wrong in the Angels' favor. But after a full month of calling the Angels and their fans whiners, you can bet Boston will outdo the west coast in reveling in a shameful self-righteous victimhood. The Angels took a 1-0 lead in the best of 5 ALDS on Thursday night.

In the first postseason shutout in Angels franchise history, every prediction by the national media and the bloggers was rendered pointless. The Angels did not run the bases on the lousy Red Sox catchers, the vaunted Red Sox bullpen choked up two runs, the Red Sox starting pitching left a fastball on a tee for a player Red Sox partisans called a "guess hitter" ... Torii Hunter guessed right on a Jon Lester fastball, John Lackey pitched 7+ shutout innings, Darren Oliver was a stellar bullpen presence and the Angels made a statement by opening their 2009 ALDS with an impressive 5-0 stomping of the Boston Red Sox.

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