Could Granderson be a smart plan B?

So apparently Detroit is trying to shed payroll and will consider dealing Curtis Granderson, Edwin Jackson, etc. etc.

Now, I know the guy's not exactly young but in the event Figgins leaves and Tony decides to save his resources ($$) for next year's free agent class that will be far superior, does a move for Granderson suddenly become really attractive?

We get an experienced lead off hitter with some pop to replace Figgins, it allows Abreu to shift to the DH (vastly improving our outfield defense) and opens up 3rd base for Brandon Wood.

And more importantly it gives us some pretty comfortable payroll flexibility to work with in-season trades or the aforementioned 2010 free agent class.

Granderson - RF

Abreu - DH

Hunter - CF

Morales - 1B

Rivera - LF

Napoli - C

Kendrick - 2B

Wood/Izturis - 3B

Aybar - SS

not too shabby. Good blend of youth and experience. Thoughts?

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