Trade for Gonzalez and Bell. Call me crazy...

Everywhere have discussions involving Angels and the usual free agents and trade targets. Here's a new proposal for you: Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell.. Here's a few points

  • Assuming we don't resign Vlad, we will be losing a big bat in the middle of the lineup. It is aweful lot to ask for Morales to fill that void. Adrian would give us balance from the left side with Torii, Rivera, Napoli along with Morales
  • Morales had a great year. But is it realistic for all of us to expect the same level of production form him again already ?
  • Morales does ok on defense and rapidly improving. But I don't see Gold Glove in his future. Gonzalez will give us that Gold Glove that was missing since Texieria left. If Figgins leave, Morales-Kendrick-Wood (un-proven/inexperience)-Mathis could give us the worse infield defense in the league.
  • Heath Bell was someone that we tried to get before anyway. He's a more dependable closer than Fuentes. Having Shields-Fuentes-Bell is much better than this year's Bulger-Jepsen-Fuentes.

I would propose packaging a group of players for Gonzalez and Bell. Maybe 7 for 2 with a pool of players like Santana, Arredondo, Rivera, Kendrick, Wood, Mathis, Willitis, and or minor league prospects. I don't believe any of them are can't touch prospects. Morales can easily bat DH/slide into one of the outfield spots and occasionally relieve Adrian at 1B.

Call me crazy, but this makes alot more sense to me than going after Granderson/Holliday/Bay/Matsui/players like them this year.

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