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Tony Reagins Speaks, Media Hints at Angels Front Office Tension

General Manager Tony Reagins commented on all the trade rumors out there in the LA TIMES - just like me and many here he said that a lot of these rumors don't make sense.

In a bitch-slap to Scott Boras, the Angels GM specifically said the Angels are not pursuing Boras client Matt Holliday. Reagins said his priorities are RE-signing John Lackey and Chone Figgins and that Vladimir Guerrero and Darren Oliver are definitely on the team's radar as well.

Conclusion from these comments: Tony Reagins seems to understand that you don't blow up a 97-win team.

The Times' Mike DiGiovanna hinted at the tension surrounding the shakeup in the Angels front office when he noted that despite the current shakeups in management, payroll would not be affected.

Though the Angels are in the midst of a front-office reorganization that resulted in the loss of positions in the media relations and community relations department last week, Reagins doesn't expect the team's payroll -- about $113 million in 2008 -- to be reduced significantly.

Why would the Times bring up the team's on-field payroll in mentioning a shakeup involving a community affairs director and a media contact person whose combined salary is half of the major league minimum of a rookie player? Would it maybe be from an independent blog waking them up? Stay tuned.