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Mark Whicker: 6 Days Late Breaking Dumb Trade Rumors

How backward and out of touch is Orange County Register sportswriter Mark Whicker?

Sunday afternoon he reported the Paul Konerko-to-Anaheim via Adrian Gonzalez-to- White Sox rumors. The one where the Angels surrender great prospects to the Padres for one year of an arthritic has-been.

The wholly false rumor, contemptible alone because there is no place to even put Konerko on the Angels, is the product of offseason speculation sprouting wings as "rumor" on days when there is nothing left to report and reporters are even to lazy to look at the needs of the teams they involve in their exotic fantasy threesomes.

But Whicker's sin is not in repeating a piece-of-dirt rumor... no his complete oafish incomprehension that online reporting has whizzed so far past him and made him a relic of a bygone time is evident in the mere fact that he is linking to a six day old piece-of-dirt rumor. Can someone please wake up the Dodo bird?

And when Whicker is not repeating week-old garbage (probably has to fill a bullsheet "freedomblogging" quota), he can play the stereotypical "old school" retarded sportswriter better than most... check out his defense of "Wins" as important for a pitcher's postseason awards worthiness and the retorts from the peanut gallery.

I hate to pick on writers with fewer readers than this blog. Well... actually, I kind of enjoy it.

UPDATE: Just found that the same Angels Blog REPORTED THE RUMOR and pronounced it mockworthy within a day of the rumor breaking. Mark Whicker doesn't even read his own paper's Angels coverage. What a hack amateur.