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Rule 5 Draft - Who Could Get Poached?

Below the jump are the Angels' prospects who are eligible for selection in the Rule 5 draft.  Mount, Statia, Moore, and Mendoza have all graced the Angels' top prospect rankings in the past, and Mendoza in particular is coming off of a strong season.  I can see him and/or Marco Albano having the most short-term and long-term value to a poaching club.  I based the list on my Wikipedia-deep understanding of the Rule 5 draft, so if there are errors, please point out the necessary corrections. 

Position Players

Bradley Coon

Ryan Mount

Hainley Statia

Jeremy Moore

PJ Phillips

Nate Sutton

Abel Nieves

Flint Wipke


Tommy Mendoza

Marco Albano

David Herndon

Amalio Diaz

Francisco Rodriguez

Barret Browning