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Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler Got To Go!

UPDATE: (Link) "It was a very short meeting." -Steve Physioc to the LA Times.

Although the news was announced in a Fox Sports Press Release, make no mistake that the first mark of the John Carpino regime in Anaheim has been made, as longtime Angels announcers Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler were let go earlier today. Here is a LINK TO THE NEWSBREAK HERE (and 100+ comments, most of them first reactions to the announcement) via poster thenextlevel from Tuesday afternoon.

Has someone finally heard us here at Halos Heaven:

2009: Angels Announcer Steve Physioc: Worst in Baseball

2006: Steve Physioc is the Weakest Link

2005: Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc Must Be Terminated

I am on the record as despising the hayseed broadcasting style of Steve Physioc. OC Register columnist Mark "Garrido" Whicker took me to task (LINK) for citicizing the Angels broadcaster when Whicker admittedly had not even listened to Physioc's wretched and infantile narcissism at the microphone.

In the case of Rex Hudler, while serving as an enthusiastic representative of the Angels brand, Hud's broadcasting might have had one too many segues into advice for little leaguers while the commercials on the Angels game telecasts veered toward the decidedly adult horror movie sequels, Jack Daniels (please drink responsibly) and menopause Jack in the Box juice jokes.

The move will see Rory Markas and Mark Gubicza take over full time television broadcasting duties. On the radio will be Jose Mota and Terry Smith. This is definitely the franchise taking the step toward an overall appearance of professionalism at the expense of personality. Carpino's branding of this team is as a first class national presence instead of a regional amusement.

Hud will be missed ... and even the biggest Hudler detractors have got to understand that he is as much an icon to Angels fans as any non-player in the history of the franchise, especially to fans under thirty.

Physioc can go play Trivial Pursuit with high school sophomores to get what he is after: the ego gratification of having the correct answer and slickly delivering it in a phony manner and a superior tone to his audience of presumed inferiors.

Good luck, Rex, may we see you down the road. Goodbye Steve, you will not be missed.