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Rex Hudler Testimonials Multiply as Phony Physioc Disappears, Forgotten

It has become the most controversial move since Arte Moreno changed the name of the Anaheim Angels to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. What could sow more dissension than that? An axing - what appears to have been the directive of new Angels President John Carpino to replace Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler as the team's telecasters.

Or at least Hudler's dismissal has become a point of controversy. It seems every major news outlet had a tribute to the Wonderdog while his smarmy partner Steve Physioc has gotten zero love from anywhere in public.

Observe the growing REX FILES in local media...

  • The LA TIMES Sports Media columnist Diane Pucin penned A FAN LETTER to Rex so fawning that it was worthy of the authorship of one of the squealing pre-pubies lining up to see the New Moon sequel to Twilight.
  • Fred Claire calls Hudler the CREAM OF THE FREE AGENT CROP right under the Angels' noses on the MLB site.
  • Lyle Spencer adds to the kudos for Rex with a "DON'T CRY FOR ME ANAHEIM" Hudler booster article.
  • In the local yokel OC-Reg, Randy Youngman kept both eyes focused on Hudler's LEGACY WITH THE FANS in the OC.
  • Hud's hometown FRESNO BEE quoted him as saying he has already had some job offers and he and his agent are exploring all avenues.

Rex Hudler is an inspiring and impassioned baseball personality whose generosity of spirit has inspired people to jump into his corner on his behalf within a few hours of his dismissal.

Lost in the shuffle is that perhaps everyone on earth has finally come to the conclusion that Steve Physioc is a phony hayseed butchering baseball broadcasts for the sole purpose of proving he knows a story or two.

When it comes to anyone speaking on behalf of Steve Physioc, perhaps all the years of him jumping onto the conversation to prove he knew a bit of trivia have caught up with him and he finds himself alone having smugly rid his inner circle of all possible fans and supporters by making sure that they knew HE knew it all and that they were not needed...

OH wait... here is a link to the legion of Physioc fans discussing his impact in baseball broadcasting history... LINK TO PHYSIOC DISCUSSION...

Good luck, Hud...


(Rex Hudler, Rev Halofan, Jose Molina back in 2005)