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Michael Kohn: Angels Top Prospect Performance #10

10) Michael Kohn, 22 - RH RP, A-Ball and High A

6 Wins, 1 Loss, 9 Saves. 65.2 IP, 1.64 ERA, 103 SO/26 BB. +22 runs saved.

Kohn's numbers were even more ridiculously good after a promotion to High A. I saw both the Cedar Rapids and Rancho Cucamonga clubs play last year, yet still missed seeing him pitch, so I'll just rehash what we know from BA, John Sickles, and the Cedar Rapids Gazette: he pitches with deceptively short arm action, helping his mid 90's fastball to jump on hitters, and he's been working to establish consistency with a hard breaking ball. Everything looks good, though if we see him in the bigs before September of next year, something's likely gone very wrong in our pen. 

I'll continue posting the top performances through next week.  Again, remember that this list is based entirely on statistical performance in 2009, and is not a traditional "best prospects" ranking.