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Robert Mosebach: Angels Best Prospect Performance #8

8) Robert Mosebach, 24 - RH RP, AA and AAA

4 wins, 2 losses. 66.2 IP, 1.49 ERA, 47 K/27 BB. +24 runs saved

Who knew Mosebach's first season in the 'pen was that good? He split time between two minor league levels and the major league club, obscuring the sum value of his contributions over the season, but he was the best performing reliever the Halos' system has seen Douglas Brandt in 2007 (who had the advantage of making a number of starts). A 60% groundball rate allowed him to shut down AA hitters despite the lack of K's. He regressed slightly against AAA opposition, but that means he was "just" a well-above-average reliever for Salt Lake. His major league debut wasn't pretty, but he's certainly not alone in that. I don't think he makes the Halos' pen out of spring training next year, and the lack of K's limits his upside, but Mosebach has the makings of a pretty good reliever.