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Peter Bourjos: Angels Best Prospect Performance #7

7) Peter Bourjos, 22 - CF, AA

.281/.354/.423 with 6 HR and 32 SB's. +7 bat, +15 glove

Like last year, Bourjos' bat tailed off in the second half. Turns out, it was injury related: he underwent surgery last month to clean up his wrist, which had been bothering him since June. Once healthy and in Salt Lake, it would not surprise me at all to see him return to his first half, ~.800+ OPS ways. Given Bourjos' power potential and the PCL's generous hitting environment, we may see some more homeruns as well.   Looking further out, I think it's likely his early career mirrors Erick Aybar's, where he spends a good chunk of time as an under-appreciated backup on the mlb club, quietly contributing outstanding defense and speed, while steadily improving with the bat to the point where he gets leadoff consideration.  

I'll continue posting the top performances through next week.  Again, remember that this list is based entirely on statistical performance in 2009, and is not a traditional "best prospects" ranking.