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Free Agent Prediction Thread

Let's see how good we are at predicting where this season's free agents will land.  Predict who will sign where, for how much and for how long.  I'll start....

John LackeyYankees, $18M, 4 years
Vladimir GuerreroAngels, $7M, 2 years
Chone FigginsWhite Sox, $11M, 4 years
Jason Bay:  Yankees, $14M, 3 years
Matt HollidayRed Sox, $17M, 4 years

Here's some others I didn't predict, but feel free:

Nick Johnson
Carlos Delgado
Miquel Tejada
Adrian Beltre
Garrett Anderson
Johny Damon
Xavier Nady (wouldn't be bad for the Halos if healthy)
Justin Duchscherer
Jon Garland
Rich Harden
Randy Wolf
Mike Gonzalez
Kevin Gregg
Fernando Rodney
Rafael Soriano
Jose Valverde
Billy Wagner