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Alexander Torres: Best Angels Prospect Performance #4

4) Alexander Torres, 21 - LH SP, High A and AA

13 wins, 4 losses. 147.1 IP, 2.75 ERA, 149 SO/80 BB. +28 runs saved

According to the runs saved metric, Torres had the best season of any Halos pitching prospect since Stephen Marek and Joe Saunders shut down their respective leagues in 2006. Between Rancho Cucamonga and Arkansas, he posted a 57% groundball rate and a 1.01 K/IP ratio - pure gold from a sabermetric standpoint. However, the scouting perspective yields significant projection questions, like how likely is it that a 5'10", 160 pound pitcher continues to hold up under a starters' workload? Or, can he repeat his delivery reliably enough to show the necessary improvement in control? Or, can his sometimes-plus breaking ball stay consistent enough against better competition? It pains me that he's going to answer those questions in another organization, but the Halos FO is a scouting-centered bunch, are consequently much higher on Trevor Reckling's future, and Kazmir seems all the more valuable now that we're headed into a potentially Lackey-less future. 

Again, remember that this list is based entirely on statistical performance in 2009, and is not a traditional "best prospects" ranking.