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Scott Schoeneweis Tragedy Deepens

The shocking death of Gabriele Shoeneweis, the wife of former Angels pitcher Scott Schoeneweis, has been revealed to be from an overdose of Cocaine and Lidocaine.

Our SBN partner Yahoo Sports has a FULL REPORT on a judicial panel ruling that the cause of death was so central to the passing of Mrs. Schoeneweis that the public interest in knowing the cause of death outweighed any privacy concerns of the bereaved.

Central to the ruling was this mysterious inclusion of the presence of another person involved in the activities that led to the passing:

The ruling also said an investigation revealed evidence that Gabrielle Schoeneweis’ cocaine use "may have caused harm to another person." That person was not identified.

Gabrielle Schoeneweis was found dead on May 20 in the master bedroom of the couple’s home in Fountain Hills, a Phoenix suburb.