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Lackey and Figgins Only Angels Offered Arbitration

The Angels offered arbitration to 2 of their 4 arbitration eligible free agent players, John Lackey and Chone Figgins, even though free agents Darren Oliver and Vladimir Guerrero would have brought them compensation (in the form of sandwich and 2nd round picks) should they have been offered arbitration and declined it before signing with another team.

This info is according to Mark Polishuk at MLB TRADE RUMORS.

If Lackey and Figgins sign with other teams, the Angels could reap a bounty of compensation picks in the 2010 June draft. The risk at offering Oliver and Guerrero arbitration would have been that salary raises are based on increasing the previous year's take and both players were making a peak income in 2009 based on the current market for their services. Both Guerrero and Oliver could still be signed by the Angels.

Figgins and Lackey have until Monday to accept or reject the offer of arbitration. Bet you a dollar that they both turn it down. Free agents Kelvim Escobar and Robb Quinlan performed below the compensation threshold and were not involved in this ancient offseason ritual.