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OT: Christmas Bonus? Where's the Beef!

I work at a grocery distribution center for a multi-billion dollar retailer.  In what started as a "couple month gig until something better showed up", has turned into a 2-year adventure in daily cheers, head-scratching memos, and irrational expectations.  Although I feel lucky to be employed, I still long for the days of a more fulfilling career path.

Anyway, last week we had our employee, I mean "associate" Christmas lunch.  During this lunch, the company gave away door prizes to a select few associates...and guess what, I won!  My prize was a bag of groceries.  Through the processing of product, some cases get damaged and are sent reclaims, but this month someone went through them and assembled bags that consisted of what amounted to an entire meal.  In my bag I had a can of corn, a package of sloppy joe mix, a can of tomato paste, and various other canned goods.  Everything for a nutritious meal...sans the hamburger.

No complaints from me, that is until I got my paycheck.  The company had deducted the taxable amount for the bag.  So basically, I had to pay $8.24 for a bag of groceries the company was either going to throw away or donate to a food bank.  Hooray for me!  I realize bonuses are just that, a bonus.  And I've received awesome bonuses in the past that I have been extremely grateful for, and I'm not trying to sound ungrateful now.  I just thought this situation was humorous.

So, the point of this post is to find out from all of you some of your worst and best Christmas bonuses/presents.  Tell us about six-figure bonus from your boss, or the 42nd tie from your wife.