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16,000+ Unique Visits for Matsui Monday

Matsui Monday, along with news about Benedict Lackey abandoning ship, brought heavy traffic to this site yesterday. For an offseason weekday, 16,000+ unique visitors to a blog indicate that blog is doing something right. Just look at our screengrab of the stats below:


Our neutral, third party Sitemeter says it all in this screen grab shot at 11:57 Pacific Time Monday night: Everyone turns to Halos Heaven for their online Angels news and commentary. These are not stats we cook up in-house, these are records of each unique ISP number visiting the site, day in and day out. Thank YOU for visiting yesterday and helping the Godzilla of the Halosphere welcomed Godzilla to the Angels.

UPDATE: Yesterday was the biggest day for traffic in the history of SBN... Over 800,000 unique visitors poured thru the network's turnstiles. Soon it will be a million sports fans per day and the mainstream media won't know what hit 'em.