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Halosphere a Cacaphony in Wild Week

IT was a pretty wild week, historically, for the franchise. How did the Halosphere hold up?

L.A. Seitz: Burned By the Hot Stove?
Great Read: Temple City's finest, Bill Seitz, checklists the Angels' offseason activity.

Stories of the decade: Angels -
Nobody reads this at all. A Poll of the biggest Angels event of the Decade. They had 11 votes at Noon on Saturday after having been posted since Friday morning, so your vote will have influence.

Dodgers on the OCR Angels Blog?
Shit For Brains Has-Been Mark Whicker has posted 6 Dodgers news items on the OCR's Angels Blog, garnering a grand total of 7 comments from the peanut gallery. New picture in the dictionary next to "Obtuse."

Matt Welch Posts a Bo Belinsky Anecdote
This is a funny little story from a great womanizer who also happened to pitch for the Angels.

Most cathartic creative tagging of a blog post ever. (see "Labels")

True Grich: Angels are Older, Slower and With no "Ace"
This Angels blogger does not mince words. Ouch!

In Play, No Outs: Do. Not. Panic.
Advising Tony Reagins to be patient.