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Chone Figgins to the Mariners?

Lot of rumors out there about Chone Figgins are heating up the hot stove.

Will he be signing with the Seattle Mariners?

UPDATE: Sports Illustrated John Heyman twitters: 4 years, $35 Million, Figgy close to signing with M's.

After last week's sighting of Figgy on a golf course in Hawaii, yours truly was convinced he would be available for another week or two. But according to Ken Rosenthal he is headed to the Emerald City for a frapuccino with Sasquatchiro.

Other sources say that the ink has not left the pen and that while Desmond DeChone has been offered 4 years $32 million from the Portland Cobains of Aberdeen, his hometown discount loyalty is being tested by a 3 year, $24 million deal from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

And of course, another team looking for a singles-hitting On-Base machine with excellent infield leather could swoop in and drop more than $9 million a year for a good track record of health and positive chemistry.