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Angels Prospects: Baseball Prospectus Top 11

Most of THE ARTICLE is behind their pay wall. Nice Assortment of Holiday Gifts for Arte to unwrap...

Four-Star Prospects
1. Mike Trout, OF
2. Hank Conger, C
3. Jordan Walden, RHP
4. Trevor Reckling, LHP
5. Fabio Martinez, RHP
Three-Star Prospects

6. Garrett Richards, RHP
7. Peter Bourjos, CF
8. Randall Grichuk , LF
9. Tyler Skaggs, LHP
10. Jon Bachanov, RHP
11. Tyler Kehrer, LHP

They toss in four bonus babies: Chris Petit, Tyler Chatwood, Alexia Amarista (who they refer to as "Alex"), and Mark Trumbo in that order.