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Angels are 49ers - Happy Birthday, Franchise

Today is the 49th birthday of the Angels. The franchise was founded on December 6, 1960 at the winter meetings in St. Louis.

After the Dodgers jumped ship from his radio station, Gene Autry attended the 1960 baseball winter meetings in St. Louis hoping to secure a broadcasting contract for KMPC (Flagship station of Autry's Golden West Broadcasters chain). The Singing Cowboy wound up as the owner of the expansion Los Angeles Angels (when no one came forward to bid for the team, Autry made a bid of his own).

The AL franchise was awarded to a group headed by Autry, Robert O. Reynolds (President of Golden West Broadcasters) and Paul O’Bryan (a Washington D.C. Businessman who had once been part of a group who purchased the Tigers in the late 1950s) and associates. The team became the showpiece for KMPC.

Ask your astrologer to click the horoscope chart (a geocentric mapping of planetary locations for the moment the team was born... if that moment happened to be 11 am. in St. Louis on December 6, 1960) below and offer an interpretation.