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Jason Bay May Sign with Angels

Many media outlets are reporting that baseball's Winter Meetings are buzzing with the Angels monopolizing the time of free agent outfielder Jason Bay (via his representatives), and the Angels' contingent just landed at the airport in Indianapolis an hour ago.

In the age of the cell phone and blackberry this is more possible, but reports indicate that the Mariners and Red Sox cannot even get in a word edge-wise. Bay is seeking a Torii Hunter style deal: 5 years, $18 Million. He turned down 4 years $15 Million from Boston in November.

Another big pair of rumors is a reported Juan Rivera to the Detroit Tigers for Curtis Granderson trade as well as an upbeat report that the Angels may have found a trading partner for the services of Gary Matthews Jr.

Bay only batted .267 last season but his OPS was .921. That was, however, in Fenway (minor league girls can hit) Park.

If we sign Bay, adios Big Daddy (Vladimir Guerrero)

If we sign Bay, adios Johnny Rivers (Juan Rivera)

If we sign Bay, adios Thunder Mountain (John Lackey)

I will stop before I accidentally rhyme something and you mistake this for a poem.