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Juan Rivera Headed to Mets?

Wow this is a not-so-crazy rumor: Joel Sherman in the NY POST says that the New York Mets want to trade for Angels outfielder Juan Rivera.

Rivera has two years for $9+ Million left on his contract and Mats GM Omar Minaya loves him, having traded for him once before when he was the GM of the Montreal Expos earlier this decade. If the Angels are serious about acquiring Jason Bay, it would make sense to move Johnny Rivers.

Considering that we need bullpen help I perused the Mets roster.. but damn is that cupboard ever bare over there... check out the Mets roster and suggest a possible trade... the only player of interest I found over there was pitcher Tobi Stoner and that is just because he has the coolest name in baseball. If we packaged Rivera with a minor league prospect do the Mets have anything attractive that we could use? Ugh, doesn't seem so...