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Is Jose Arredondo Angels Trade Bait With Latest Malfeasance?

The OC Register has a feature on Angels reliever Jose Arredondo and it is not pretty.

Read Bill Plunkett's BIG exposé about it.

When Arredondo was left off the postseaosn roster, he was told to go to the Angels' camp in Arizona to work out in case he was needed as a call up becuse of injury, or was selected in between playoff rounds to be added.

Instead he went home to the Dominican Republic. Basically, that is the best way to get your name on the top of your team's sheet list.

The problem for the Angels is that this is far from an isolated incident. Arredondo has a history of insubordination, outbursts and disestablishmentarianism in the decidedly antidisestablishmentarianist vocation of professional baseball. He stormed off a mound in the minors, is rumored to have cussed out coaches in spanglish and had the worst haircut in the major leagues in 2008. On top of all that (and rumors of much more swept under the carpet and away from nosy bloggers) he pretty much stunk in 2009 to render that 11-Win relief season in '08 a distant memory.

But wouldn't he look good in Blue Jay powder blue?