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Top 20 Angel Prospects Ranked By Facebook Friends

No matter how high Halos Heaven's minor league analyst Ryan Ghan ranks an Angels prospect, this important occasion in a player's career cannot be fully enjoyed if that player cannot share the moment with his friends on the internet's pre-eminent social network (and MySpace killer), Facebook.

If you like a particular prospect, simply add him as a friend on Facebook and boost his ranking. We won't even ask you to be a jarhead rah rah and tell them that Halos Heaven sent you, we market our blog by attraction, not pom-pom promotion.


2. Hank Conger – 905 FRIENDS - even better, his user photo is of a fat panda as part of some large road signage, probably taken out a bus window on the road trip from hell.
13. Matt Sweeney – 693 - He is pictured with extreme pecs, shirtless on a beach with bikini blonde barbie type tanned and ready for him.
5. Will Smith – 628 - he posts his baseball card.
4. Trevor Reckling – 578 - his picture is posing with a girl.
1. Jordan Walden - 524 - posing in uniform with hot blonde girlfriend.
6. Clay Fuller - 412 – he posts his baseball card.
14. Mark Trumbo – 322 – User picture is of two dudes, don’t read anything into that.
11. Peter Bourjos – 194 - Pictured at a Disney park.
16. Jason Bulger – 179 – Pictured on a beach with his arms around a hottie.
19. Manuarys Correa – 40 – His user photo is him wearing a cool retro 1971 angels cap white letter on a black cap. #1 in the "stylish Angels prospects" list that yeswecan could probably put together.

Probably still chatting with 14-year-olds on MySpace:

Some of the Angels top prospects are not partaking in the timewaster that is Facebook. This has lowered their rankings, as a player with no Facebook account has, by default, 0 friends. Some of our top prospects have names that are quite common, at least on Facebook, and while every effort  was made to crosscheck a player's presence in a social network with other players, some of the current 0 rankings may be incorrect.

3. Nick Adenhart – 0 – Tommy John doesn’t have a facebook page either.
7. Kevin Jepsen – 0 - There are 6 Kevin Jepsens on facebook – one has no picture and it plainly states “Kevin Jepsen has no friends.”
8. Anthony Ortega – 0 - there are 151 Anthony Ortegas on Facebook. None are Hank Conger’s friend. Do the math.
9. Luis Jimenez – 0 - there are over 500 Luis Jimenezes on Facebook, the first one has a picture of himself naked with a python on his back. Conger is not friends with this dude, nor with his snake..
10. Sean O’Sullivan – 0 – There are a couple hundred Sean O’Sullivans on facebook and most live in London or Ireland.
12. Tyler Chatwood – 0 – Facebook offered me plenty of “Cheatwoods,” though.
15. Michael Kohn – 0 – Not “friended” by teammates, a search for the name had over a hundred people with this name, headed by a smokin’ hot brunette chick named Samantha who is the director of the Michael Kohn gallery in Bel Aire. Her picture was taken on a yacht.
17. Freddy Sandoval – 0 – there are 104 Freddy Sandovals on Facebook, most of who have a voluminous supply of hot chicks as friends. But none of these Freddys are an Angel and looking at the action that the “Freddys” few fif any of them are saints, either.
18. Ryan Mount – 0 – Ryan is still young enough to let that acne clear up before he bothers posting on facebook.
20. Alexander Torres – 0 – There are over 500 guys named Alexander Torres on facebook, you find him.

Other minor leaguers of note:

Jonathan Bachanov265 – this former #1 pick is recovering from Tommy John surgery and strengthening his arm by clicking the mouse on that ADD FRIEND button.
Brok Butcher263 – This Angel prospect is most notable for posting his user photo as a picture with his mom.
Young iL Jung85 – an international hit, as shockingly few of his 85 friends are Korean!

Ex-Teammates are not immediately dismissed – Steve Marek has 208 friends, Darren O’Day has 652 friends – these guys were happened upon while surfing thru friend listings for current prospects. Apparently, guys do not dump each other when teams are changed.

So adding these guys now is like getting their autographs before they get famous - you can authoratively remind us during the games in future season... "The dude is my FaceBook friend, he gets tagged in photos ALL the time..."