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Welcome Bobby Abreu to L.A. of Anaheim

In the absolute STEAL of the offseason, the Angels acquired BOBBY ABREU, a Left-Handed bat who can take a pitch with the best in baseball.

Bobby Abreu had 73 Walks in 2008 - that is 11 more than the Angels' club leader Chone Figgins. Add in Abreu's 180 hits in 156 games and consider that he will be DH quite a bit here and be rested AND is underpaid in a contract year and motivated to produce for this team.

Adam Dunn has never played in the American League, he had malcontent written all over him with no desire to DH or even play 1B. Do not be sad that we are not paying this terrible glove, whiny demeanor and strikeout expert the $10 million a year for two years that the Nationals are.

Now let's be clear here... I am not a blindly optimistic fan of offseason signings.

Here is my embittered TAKE ON THE MATTHEWS signing.

I was spot on about the TERRIBLE SIGNING of Shea Hillenbrand.

My confusion over the Steve FINLEY ACQUISITION was justified as well.

So, take it from me (and my immediate enthusiasm from when we signed VLADIMIR GUERRERO), the signing of Bobby Abreu for the 2009 season is the best deal any team made this offseason, and it puts us in as great a position to kick as much ass as possible!