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Top 100 Angels: David ECKSTEIN #35

#35 DAVID ECKSTEIN, shortstop (2001 - 04)

Post-2005 Ranking: 27 - Read that DAVID ECKSTEIN essay.

Franchise Win Shares Rank: 73 (40 Regular Season Win Shares)

Highest Franchise Record Ranking: 11.2 AB/K in 2,500+ PA - 4th All Time

Hisghest Single Season Ranking: His 142 singles in 2002 is tied for 9th All Time

The "sparkplug" really wasn't here that long and as Orlando Cabrera and Even the Izturis/Ayabr duo have shown, his defense was not rareified. But the king of the intangibles and making due with what you have made a mark on the Angels faithful and the franchise as well. Wildly popular as a player, he will likely go down in history as the most anamolous player of what will certainly be known as the steroid era.