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Angels Offseason Wrapup

What was the biggest story of the offseason. In the context of how the '08/'09 offseason impacts the Angel historically, here is my list.

1. Santana Extension - this will pay dividends thru at least the "early teens" of our new century.

2. ADDED TO LIST: Scioscia Extension - thanks to poster 44fan for reminding me of this - Our manager has a TEN YEAR CONTRACT ... I think that actually might be a FIRST in baseball history and is an absolute testament to the stability of this franchise. For longtime Angel fans... Stability? WHO'DA EVAH THUNK IT?

3. G.A. Jettisoned - a top ten all-time Angel has played his final game with a Halo... and not a hard feeling at all...

4. Teix Leaves Arte at the Altar - the Angels did not "fail to re-sign him" or "let him go" ... they were abandoned, plain and simple, by a guy who wanted to play elsewhere.

5. The Abreu Bargain - a semi-big name is late addition to the lineup.

6. Fuentes Signed - a suitable replacement for Frankie is signed to a reasonable contract.

7. Juan Rivera Re-Signed - another fiscal bargain and a memo to Matthews to bring a seat cushion to the stadium each day this summer for that bench.

8. Finally... some draft picks - Teix leaving and Frankie moving on lead to 4 draft picks before the 2nd round... time to replenish the farm.

Kind of a slow and steady offseason that fills the hole and plans for the future, all keeping spending reasonable yet fair.