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Top 100 Angels: Scot SHIELDS #34

#34 SCOT SHIELDS, Relief Pitcher (2001 - Present)

Post-2005 Ranking: 48 - Read our Scot Shields writeup.

Franchise Win Shares Rank:
39 (67 Regular Season Win Shares)

Highest Franchise Record Ranking: 2.93 ERA in 633+ IP is 3rd All Time; His 152 Adjusted ERA+ is 2nd All Time; 1.19 WHIP is 4th All Time; His 7.50 Hits per 9 IP is 5th All Time

Highest Single Season Ranking: His 78 Games in 2005 ranks 1st, his 74 in 2006 ranks 3rd and his 71 in 2007 ranks 5th.

Easily the greatest middle relief pitcher in Angels history -and a good argument for the title in baseball history- Scot Shields was overshadowed by Troy Percival and Francisco Rodriguez on the back end and by a stellar starting pitching staff on the other, but the lack of attention is mirrored by the paucity of pitches it takes him to quickly get through the 8th inning. Try this: leave to get a beer when he makes his first pitch, crack it in the kitchen and look at what else is in the fridge - you might miss his half of the 8th.

A great Angel with a few seasons left to possibly continue his climb on this list.